Yanking the Kill Ring: Emacs

The title of the post might confuse the normal windows users, like me of-course. There was a situation where I’m forced to use Ububtu, a Linux based operating system, and that too in kernel mode only. The scenario is my engineering college where they do this in programming labs in-order to avoid students copying other’s programs by giving them a login name each and restricting GUI mode.

The only editors available is nano, emacs and vi editor. Emacs was my choice as I simply didn’t like nano and wasn’t ready to use simple but powerful vi since it requires memorizing lot of editor commands. As I’m not only a student, but also a software engineer by profession, The transition from an intellisense enabled Visual Studio 2010 to the very basic emacs editor wasn’t cool.

Emacs was more horrible than a notepad editor since don’t know how to do the basic things a software engineer must know: Copy, Paste and Undo. Undo was a nightmare since the shortcut key Ctrl + z in windows will result in the termination of emacs.

Emacs editor have a menubar and you can access it using the key F10. It can be easily navigated and the shortcut for the command can be got from there. Anyway let me list some of the commands below.

  1. Cut / Kill line: Ctrl + K
  2. Copy / Add to kill ring: ALT + W
  3. Paste / Yank: Ctrl + Y
  4. Mark text: Ctrl + @
  5. Undo: Ctrl + _