How to Run Platform SDK Setup on XP 64 Bit

Due to some project requirements, I had to install platform SDK and unfortunately it was an old version: FEB-2003. The OS in my machine was Windows XP 64 bit. When I tried to run the Setup.exe as normal, It showed up an error message: “The image file E:\PlatformSDK\Setup.Exe is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine.”. My first thought was like I need to find a 64bit compatible Platform SDK setup, but what I needed wasn’t a 64 bit Platform SDK, but a 32 bit one which need to be installed on my 64 bit XP.

16-bit setup error

After some search, I got to know that the reason for the error is not about 32 bit, 64 bit incompatibility, but the Setup.exe I executed was a 16 bit application. It showed an error because 64 Bit OS doesn’t support 16 bit applications. But when I simply went inside the “setup” folder and ran the “PSDK-x86.msi”, It worked fine! I was able to install Platform SDK.

Now let’s look at checking whether an application is 16-Bit or 32 Bit.  The very simple method is simply right-clicking the executable and checking for the version tab. If it have a version tab, It is a 32-bit (or above) application, else 16-bit.


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