Application Log Joiner

You may think that I’m overly obsessed with this log analysis! But not really. I’m not even interested in it. And because of that I wanted to make it easier and easier. And yea! there is another application for your help if different modules or processes of your software logs in different log files. Obviously it will be really difficult to look through different files for a single execution path. If its a non reproducible bug provided with merely these logs, Nothing else can get crazier than this.

What this application does is simple. It reads multiple log files, merge them in the order of the time / tick count information in the log entries and make it a single file. the file name from which the log entry is taken will be given along with the merged log entries for clarity. And above all these, you can specify the tick count or time range in which the log entries need to be taken and merged for each file. So you can analyse only the selected portions of different log files merged together. Leave blank in order to take the whole file for merging.

The reading of time information, the text parsing of the format, delimiter etc is same as the Log Highlighter application provided in the previous post. So please read that too for the better understanding of the working of this application. This application works great with the same. You can provide the Log joiner’s output as input to the Log Highlighter and have it highlighted according to the time / tick count difference.

So, wish you a good time analyzing logs!

Download: LogJoiner.rar


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